The best new perfumes smell like spring

A good fall/winter fragrance should smell like your favorite sweater: warm, cozy, and not itchy at all. A good spring scent should evoke the opposite feeling: bare skin seeing sunlight for the first time in months, lush greenery starting to come to life, flowers blooming, and the freshness of an April rain. You can think of it like serotonin in a bottle—serotonin you can only get outdoors and in nature.

Whether you’re looking for something floral or musky, bright and fresh or rich and intoxicating, we’ve got you covered with the best new scents for spring 2023. Come and refresh your senses…

Phlur Solar Eau De Parfum, £96

In our opinion, any album with the same name as Lorde is bound to be good. Phlur’s “Solar Power” offers the same summer escape experience as Lorde’s music, which is quite an achievement, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the brand behind last year’s viral success “Missing Person.” This smell makes people cry because it reminds them of someone they love and miss.

Imagine a long, sun-filled day without any plans; skin you just swam in the ocean will dry out quickly in the heat. You may ask, why are we including such a summer fragrance in our spring fragrance roundup? Indeed, we dream intensely of warmer weather and getting away from it all. But we also think the Solar is light and fresh enough to wear from April to August.

You’re greeted by a warm, golden floral musky blend of orange blossom, jasmine and orange blossom, finished with a base of driftwood and sea salt. But it’s the sparkling, citrusy top notes of bergamot and red mandarin that keep us coming back.

Chloé Nomade Jasmin Naturel, £66

Fans of Chloé fragrances will be very pleased with this fragrance. Like OG Eau de Parfum and Nomade, Nomade Jasmin Intense is neither too sweet nor too tangy. It’s naturally richer and creamier with notes of date, pear, and vanilla, but notes of sandalwood and patchouli give it an earthy, spicy base.

It’s best worn on spring evenings – a subtly sexy and chic nod to longer, warmer days and the return of al fresco dining.

Loewe Aire Anesthetic, £118

Loewe’s Aire Anthesis is the brand’s first fragrance to feature the new Loewe Accord, a completely unique scent created by in-house perfumer Nuria Cruelles to embody the brand’s signature. It can be said that this is Loewe’s signature scent.

Loewe Accord is inspired by cistus, a hardy perennial wildflower with delicate blooms that, like Loewe, is native to Spain. It is composed of notes of pear, peony, sandalwood and rhubarb.


But what does floral ale smell like? Well, it’s not exactly woody and spicy; Not too musky and powdery; not exactly fresh and clean. It’s a combination of all those things – tart without smelling like an herb garden, with a hint of sea salt. Original and delightful, this is an androgynous scent you’ll love wearing every day.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pivoine Eau de Toilette, £70


With L’Eau d’Issey Pivoine, Issey Miyake takes us along winding coastal paths and weathered orchards into peony gardens. Pear and white raspberry sweeten the floral notes, flavored with sage, spicy ginger and woody vetiver.


It’s perfect for those of us who love dark, intricate floral patterns, but light enough for a sunny, breezy spring day.


Escentric Molecules Molecules 01 + Guaiac Wood, £115


People who love deep, dark and rich scents may feel that spring – a season associated with brighter, fresher, floral scents – isn’t for them. We have different opinions. Enter: the latest results from Escentric Molecules. Molecule 01 + Guaiac wood has a musky, aromatic and smoky smell. It’s a comforting hug after soaking up the last of the spring sunshine on a cold night, or like snuggling up in a blanket after an April rain disrupts your plans again.


Floral Street Arizona Bloom Eau de Parfum, £108


This is another scent that’s easy to get into summer. Inspired by the freedom of the open plains and long sunny days, Arizona Bloom combines sweet and creamy coconut, jasmine and salty musk to create a warm, inviting scent that envelops the senses.

Merchandise Rain, £120

Like a walk in the rain, this is a cocktail that is bright, light, fresh and green: bergamot, lemon verbena, green notes, jasmine, freesia and lotus. Earthy white amber and woody undertones warm the atmosphere.


L’Objet Rose Noir, £135


Described by the brand as “the essence of a rose garden at dusk,” L’Objet Rose Noire reminds us of one of those days in spring when it’s finally warm enough to sit outside. Maybe you organize a picnic in the park or dinner and drinks in the garden. When the sun goes down and you put your sweater back on, you don’t want to go inside to fully enjoy the fading sunshine.

In addition to rose notes, allspice and white pepper provide spicy, fruity notes, while Ceylon tea and moss provide earthy notes.


Elie Saab Elixir Eau de Parfum, £95


Sweet but not overly sugary, sensual without being overly sugary: Elie Saab Elixir is a love potion perfect for spring romance, housed in your very own crystal ball. Notes of tangerine and orange blossom sparkle on top, while heart notes of myrrh and benzoin seduce. Spray for a truly magical date night.

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